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The Rockaway Borough Police Department has two trained Certified Child Safety Seat Technicians on staff and offers free child safety seat inspections. Upon request, one of these technicians will check the installation of your child seat. If it is not installed correctly, the officer will make the necessary corrections and show you how to do it.

To make an appointment to have your child safety seat checked, call the number below and ask for either Officer David Flynn or Officer Peter Krowiak. While every effort is made to accommodate residents, please be sure to make your appointment well in advance as our Certified Technicians have other primary duties.

New Jersey's child passenger safety law requires the following:

Children up to 8 or 80 pounds must ride in a safety or booster seat in the rear seat of the vehicle. If there is no rear seat, the child must sit in the front seat secured by a safety or booster seat.

Children under age 8 who weigh more than 80 pounds must wear a seat belt anywhere in the vehicle.

Passengers age 8 to 18 (regardless of weight) must wear a seat belt anywhere inside a vehicle.

It's recommended that all children under the age of 13 years be seated in the rear seat with proper restraints.


(973)-627-1851 between 8am and 3pm Mon to Fri